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Phillies Season Over

Dec 1, 2005, 10:21 PM EDT

And we’re done.  I’ll likely have some thoughts on Monday, but Jim Salisbury summed up the season very well:

The goal of any professional sports team is to make the playoffs and
win a championship. Anything short of that is a failure, and in that
sense, this season will be marked a failure.

But there were some fun times. Jimmy Rollins opened the season with
a 36-game hitting streak that he was more than happy to talk about.
Chase Utley had a 35-game hitting streak and was so superstitious that
he would not talk about it. Aaron Rowand broke his face against the
center-field wall but still managed to make the catch of the year. A
youngster named Cole Hamels arrived with the aura of a star.

And then there was the big man. First baseman Ryan Howard put this
team on his broad shoulders after the all-star break and carried it
into contention. He shot down Mike Schmidt’s 26-year-old team record
for home runs (48), then tagged on 10 more. (Who knows? Maybe he
reaches 60 today.)

The crowds came out big and strong at Citizens Bank Park over the
final weeks, and every seat was an electric chair. Howard hit moon
shots. Fans chanted "MVP… MVP." The Phillies won games. Playoff
tickets were printed.

It was fun.

But not as much fun as it could have been.

The best part of the baseball season begins this week. The Phillies, once again, will not be included.

Read Jim Salisbury’s full article, Another Failure for the Phils.