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Phillies Split Cincy Series; Bye Bye Byrd

May 15, 2005, 8:43 PM EDT

The Phillies bats started the weekend off right by coming alive for 12 runs.  Todd Pratt went nuts going 4-4 with a HR and 5 RBIs.  Bretty Myers continued his fabulous season by going 7 innings and allowing 2 runs.  His pitching has clearly been the bright spot in the Phillies rocky start.  Ken Griffey Jr. went 0-4 and didn’t respond to my heckling.  I brought my season record up to 4-2.  If you really want the Phillies to win, you should buy me tickets to the games and limo services are also welcome.  I am good luck.  My camera seems to have been a bit blurry and none of my pictures came out well but I did get one shot of Junior.
The Phillies got rocked on Saturday in the worst performance of Ryan Madson’s career.

Sunday marked the debut of the newest Phillie, Endy Chavez.  They aquired Endy on Saturday in a trade for Marlon Byrd.  Tom G. of Balls Sticks and Stuff has a nice summary of what the Nationals fans are saying about the deal.  The consenus among both teams followers seems to be somewhat indifference with the Nats perhaps having a slight upper hand in the deal.  Personally, I like the move.  Endy Chavez is a speedster and brings something the Phillies need.  How much of an impact he will actually have is uncertain, but I don’t think Marlon Byrd was ever going to turn into an everday CF.

Chavez showed some of his speed in his first start, going 1-5 with a tripple when he put on the jets.  He can move.  I agree that this move may have little impact long term, but it shakes things up a bit.

Billy Wags made us sweat a little in the ninth, but helped the Padilla Floatilla stay afloat.