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Phillies Win and Phillies Win

Jun 8, 2005, 10:02 PM EDT

Earlier in the day the Phillies traded Placido Polanco to Detroit for veteran closer Ugueth Urbina and infielder Ramon Martinez.  The pulse of Philadelphia seems to be positive and I would have to agree.  Tom G. wants to give the often criticized Edward Wade a high five.  He breaks down the potential bull pen situation very well:

Going forward, I believe the Phillies would be well-served to use
Wagner in the closer spot (obviously), Urbina as a set-up man versus
righthanded batters in the eighth inning (unless Wagner is not
available, then Urbina would move to closer), Aaron Fultz against
lefthanded batters in the eighth inning, Ryan Madson to face
righthanded batters in the seventh inning and Rheal Cormier versus
lefties in the seventh, and Geoff Geary, Amaury Telemaco, et al for the
sixth inning.

I’d try to keep Fultz out of the 8th in close games.

It is great to see Ed Wade make a rather big move mid season which puts the Phillies in a better spot to contend in the East.  I found the comments regarding another team in the East showing interest in Urbina and Wade feeling the need to prevent that from happening rather interesting.  Whether Philly or Detroit sparked the trade would be an interesting anecdote, but in the end irrelevant.

I will miss Polanco a tiny bit, he was a very solid player, but this trade gives all of Philadelphia what it has been asking for all season, Chase Utley playing everyday.  Not to mention some big bolstering of the pen.  Placido liked to complain a little more than I would have liked this year, so we won’t miss that.

Phillies take another from Rangers.   In a spot start by Robinson Tejeda, the rookie went 5 and allowed only two hits and two walks.  Pretty impressive.  The Phillies got on the board in the bottom of the sixth when Pat the Bat knocked in Thomas and Lofton who both reached on singles.  Fultz pitched a scoreless sixth and Madson blanked Texas in the 7th and 8th.  Maddog will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Urbina joining the pen, giving Madson some much needed rest.  Billy Wags did his thing in the ninth for the 16th time this year.  Fultz actually gets the W and the Phils continue to impress.
How do you pronounce Ugueth you ask?

Ooo-GET, the ‘h’ is silent.