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Phillies win, but still stink

May 25, 2005, 10:22 PM EDT

This was the first game I watched in a while, having been extremely busy lately I’ve been listening to a lot, but the Phils didn’t look that bad.  Wolf pitched pretty well until late in the game.  I still can’t get excited about the Phils after they blew Tuesday nights game.  Charlie Manuel gives me a headache.  I’m starting to lose interest in this team.  I will still watch and listen to most of the games, but I’m just not as vested in them.  My expectations are almost non existant.  I’m sticking to my prediction before the Florida series, so for in order for the Phils to make the playoffs according to my prediction, they will have to sweep the Braves.

Since the Phillies are depressing and I haven’t posted any Eagles Cheerleaders lately, nor have I posted the pictures from Preakness, I thought I would find you some hot celebs and other randomness: Download jesssica.jpg
Download jesssica2.jpg
Download mandy.jpg
- NBA Cheerleaders: LinkBeach for Sid – Preakness Gallery (not my pics) – How to set up multiple homepages in Firefox – Yoda is the man.  Complete badass. – Newish Celeb Jeopardy, could be questionable ads Beware.  Click below for a joke: