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Philly is a bunch of losers

Apr 27, 2005, 10:24 AM EDT

Well, The Sixers got killed and the Phillies couldn’t score runs.  It was a painful night of sports viewing for Philadelphia fans.  The Sixers simply can’t match up with the well coached Pistons and the Phillies couldn’t put any runs on the board against the Washington Nationals.

It looks like the Sixers making the playoffs did nothing for their team except give some of their young talent some experience in playoff atmosphere.  Is that more valuable than a potential first round draft pick they could have had if the didn’t make the playoffs?  Debatable for sure.

The MLB season is still early, but the Phillies don’t seem to have any hop in their step.  Lieber didn’t have his signature control and placement, but even still only let up 3 runs.  The bats failed to show up and they lose to the Nationals.  The Nationals young starter John Patterson looks like a promising young arm for the upstart Nats.  Hopefully the Phils can grab the series tonight before coming back to town to fight some fish.