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Pre = Before = Meaningless

Aug 16, 2005, 12:17 AM EDT

B-Man just showed us his battle wounds, Scott is working the grill to perfection, DBM just asked for the ketchup, the Boston College scrub just threw a touchdown and Sid has just requested me to post no negative thoughts on the game.  So:

-No serious injuries as far as I know.
-Ryan Moats looked great.  Explosive quick moves with some strength mixed in.
-Bruce Perry had a BEASTLY TD run.
-Reggie Brown looked solid, he could be a real player.  5 catches, 52 yards.
-Terrell Owens was not on the half time show.
-There was no sign of Donovan dry heaving
-Chris Samp made a phenomenal catch.
-My Mother thinks our third string QB is easy on the eyes.
-Drinking on Monday nights is a great thing.

In reality it was a preseason game and you have to be happy to get some kinks out without any real injuries.  They definitely looked shaky at times but you expect that in the first preseason game.

Quote of the night from the Birdman: "the Monkey will never lead me in the wrong direction, except when I crash my car."