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Premature Swag Alert: Sixers Lose Ugly in Milwaukee to End First Half

Feb 14, 2013, 1:40 AM EDT

On this Valentine’s Day, it’s worth remembering one thing: it’s better to have swagged and lost than to never have swagged at all.

The Sixers ended their first half last night in Milwaukee on a most depressing of notes. They came out firing with Swaggy P. lighting up the scoreboard early and often in the first half.

Young was feeling it so much that the Sixers’ Twitter feed even sent out an official SWAG ALERT.

I must give them credit. That’s a nifty logo.

Alas, the Sixers are the Sixers. Poor shooting, turnovers, and just really bad decisions cost them a victory in the end.

Royal Ivey had the ball off a jump with seconds remaining, but instead of calling timeout, or even putting up a potential game-tying or even go-ahead shot, he threw the ball away.

We’ll likely have much more on the disappointing first half later today.

They dropped to 4 games behind the superior Bucks for the 8th and final playoff spot with the loss.