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PSA: Stop Yelling “Shoot” on the Power-Play

Feb 18, 2007, 4:19 PM EDT

I had the pleasure of seeing the Flyers play a helluva game against the Hurricanes on Saturday night. They lost, but in a shootout, after tying the game at 5 apiece. As usual, the atmosphere was charged, and the crowd was into every second of the barrage. It’s well-documented that Flyers fans are among the best and most knowledgeable in the league, something to be proud of for sure. But perfect we are not. One thing in particular was really annoying at the game, and I know I wasn’t alone in my frustration. So tonight, as the parking lot fills up for the game against the Coyotes, we’re offering this public service announcement to help Flyers fans get even better at what they do best.

Stop. Yelling. “Shoot.”

Especially on the power-play. The point is not to get a shot off as
quickly as possible. Rather, the team (well-trained at what they do and
managing the third-best PP% in the NHL,
mind you) is going to attempt to use the advantage of having one man
more than the other side to create a high-percentage scoring
opportunity. Usually this involves passing the puck around the
perimeter and adjusting positions to cause the defense to move out of
scoring lanes or away from snipers. “Just shoot”-ing can result in a
blocked shot at the top of the zone, an easy save, or a turnover and a
short-handed opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Flyers are perfect and don’t
need to hear your wrath now and again. If they keep up this run of
losses at home and put out a clunker, I can’t stop you. Won’t even try.
But in this case, when they’re setting up the power-play, let them
handle the timing. Especially this season, when they’ve been scoring as
well as anyone on the man-up.

So please. Stop yelling “Shoot!”