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Quotable: Brad Lidge On Matt Diaz’s Takedown and the Forearm Shiver

Sep 21, 2010, 12:15 PM EDT

Fans who run on the field during a game are idiots. This is a fact. But it’s also hard not to laugh at them when they’re wearing full-body spandex. One Phillie who took the incident in stride was Phillies closer Brad Lidge.

Lidge took note of Matt Diaz’s takedown of Red Man, “It was impressive. He kind of snuck up on that guy and gave him a little trip. I would say it was textbook for his sneakiness. The guy was doing jumping jacks and kind of backpedalled right into Matt. It was kind of funny.”

Anytime someone falls flat on their face, it’s kind of funny, but isn’t the move there a forearm?

“The forearm shiver could have been used as well. It would have accentuated the takedown,” Lidge said.

While Citizens Bank Park never ceases to entertain the fans, be it with the hot play by the Fightins’ or by the morons who keep coming up with new ways to get arrested, the players themselves seemed to get a kick out of Red Man last night.

“Even Utley laughed,” Charlie Manuel added.