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Quotable: McNabb on TO and What Might Have Been

Aug 12, 2008, 9:44 AM EDT

It was a bitter pill to swallow (so to speak) when the highly productive tandem of Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens ended prematurely, returning the Eagles to the wide receiver mediocrity that has categorized the Reid era to many fans. Those rainbow bombs and huge stat games disappeared when Owens left, and of course, it didn’t help that he took his traveling circus to Dallas.

Aside from a possible suicide attempt and some stationary bike hilarity, TO has done well with the Cowboys, with fewer significantly distracting story lines than at his past stops. McNabb’s career with the Eagles since the TO era has been somewhat more difficult, with a few new injuries added to the career list, as well as the drafting of his potential replacement.

So what are D-Mac’s thoughts on what a few more years with TO might have been like? Speaking with ESPN blogger Matt Mosley, McNabb sounds like he misses the crazy bastard.

"It could’ve been great," McNabb said. "What did we have, 30 TDs? You
don’t see that type of combination very often. That’s like Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. We would’ve been up there."

It was actually 20 TDs in 22 games, but we get the point.

On TO’s career in Dallas, McNabb thinks the receiver has matured, although he clearly still as some of that same old TO in him.

"In his situation, he’s finally maturing at age 35 [actually 34].
Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s me. [T.O.] thought for so long it
was someone else, but at some point, maybe it dawns on you that it’s
not everyone else’s fault. I think once Bill [Parcells] left, T.O.
realized that Jerry [Jones] truly loved him. And now he has a
quarterback that he feels comfortable with. He’s listening. Sometimes
you have to understand the reality of the whole situation, and I think
he did that."

So yeah, just like the rest of us, McNabb is still wondering what a few more years with TO might have brought this team. Finally, McNabb says that he knows he might not finish his career in Philly:

"I might end up somewhere else," McNabb said. "And I’m prepared for that."