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Report: Former Flyer Peter Zezel Fighting for His Life in Toronto Hospital

May 26, 2009, 12:47 PM EDT

Sad and scary news for one of the most beloved Flyers of my lifetime: [update: According to, Zezel will be taken off life support later today]

Former Maple Leaf Peter Zezel was close to death last night at a Toronto hospital after battling a serious blood disorder.

Zezel, one of the most popular Leafs in the club's success in the early 1990s and a 15-year NHLer, was admitted last week for scheduled surgery, but those close to the family say complications developed and his conditioned worsened.

It is known that Zezel, 44, has fought the rare blood disease hemolytic anemia on and off the past 10 years, and had been in critical condition in 2001. But in recent years he seemed to have recovered and been able to lead a normal life.

Hockey-loving ladies of the Delaware Valley and all Flyers fans will be hoping Zezel can pull through. He was one of my first favorite Flyers, and this news is pretty rough.

(h/t: Glen Macnow on air)

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