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Riding One-Game Winning Streak, Sixers Face Team That Hasn’t Lost Since Feb. 1st

Mar 13, 2013, 5:44 PM EDT

You know what was fun? The Sixers’ first 52 games of the year. Well, not
really, at all but at least there was one very unfun thing we didn’t
have to do over that timespan—play the Miami Heat. Of course, playing
the Heat zero times in the first 52 games of the season means you have
to play them at least three (and in this season’s case, four) times over
the remainder of the season, and while we knocked two of those out
already—both losses, NATCH—we still got two more to go, including
tonight’s showdown at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Heat, in case
you haven’t heard, have won 19 games in a row, which is a lot of games
to win in a row. In fact, three more such wins and they will tie the
’07-’08 Rockets—and no, you’re not forgetting how secretly dominant that
Rockets team was, it was just a super-weird fluke thing that happened
that season—for the second-longest win streak in NBA history.
Considering that only the Sixers, Bucks and Raptors stand in the way of
the Heatles getting to 22, I’d say Yao and Luis Scola and Rafer Alston
probably won’t get be popping their traditional bottle of sparkling
cider this season, unless Heat forward Shane Battier (also a member of
that Rockets team) decides to sabotage them from the inside.

tip from the WFC. There are a lot of other games on tonight—ten of ‘em,
most more interesting and at the very least more watchable than this
one should be—so flipping is actively encouraged. Sorry, Damien Wilkins.