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Sal’s Pals More Entertaining Than Phillies

Apr 22, 2006, 12:31 AM EDT

Salspals_sal_fasano_1Sal Fasano is Italian, looks like a trash man, has a Fu Manchu and therefore will be beloved by Philadelphia more than Bobby Abreu, one of the best hitters in baseball, ever will.

Sal loves his new found glory as the man with a mustache:

“It pumped me up,” Fasano said Monday before the Phillies opened a series in Atlanta. I was in awe of the whole thing because I thought only superstars have stuff like this.”

“Sal’s Pals” began as only a handful of fans, but grew to more than two dozen by the time Fasano started Game 2, with many of the late arrivers drawing mustaches on their faces.

Although a 34-year-old journeyman who has never been a starter in the big leagues, Fasano was warned in spring training that he could become very popular this season. After all, he’s a full-blooded Italian playing in South Philly. Both of his parents, in fact, were born in Italy before settling in suburban Chicago.

SalThe Phillies lost their 8th home game in 10 tries this season Friday night.  A Florida player stole home.. STOLE HOME.  But at least Sal’s pals had something to cheer for:

Sal delivers: Fasano sent 20 free pizzas to Sal’s Pals, a group of about 20 fans in the right-field upper deck seats that come decked out in the long hair and shaggy mustache like the catcher. Fasano went 2-for-3 with an RBI, giving his faithful followers plenty of reason to cheer.

In related news, Fasano’s family crest is a picture of a barracuda eating Neil Armstrong.  The chief export of Sal Fasano is mustache.

In addition to bringing in Dutch Daulton to manage the Phillies, I’m a staunch proponent of changing the starting rotation and catcher match ups to:

Fasano –> Fasano
Fasano –> Fasano
Fasano –> Fasano
Fasano –> Fasano
Fasano –> Fasano

I’d like to encourage all of Sal’s Pals and other loyal fans to send in all pictures of Sal and/or his pals.  This phenomena needs to be documented.  Send all pictures to:  the700level [at]

Follow Up: Sal’s Pals founders write in with stories and photos.

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