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Samuel Dalembert: A ‘Glue Guy’

Apr 1, 2008, 2:44 PM EDT

The fine people of Empty The Bench — despite their continual use of the horrid nickname "Bert" for Sammy D. — have compiled a nice list of the NBA’s best "glue guys."  What’s a glue guy you ask?

First, players who are among their team’s top two scorers were not considered. Those are the team’s stars. Second, the glue player must be solid defensively, so no three-point specialists or instant offense guys have been included. Third, this award is about generally unsung heroes whose play leads to team success, so only the guys on playoff-caliber teams are included

Samuel Dalembert makes the list and is among solid company such as former Sixer Raja Bell as well as defensive nightmare Bruce Bowen.

>>Quiet Heroics: The NBA’s Best Glue Players [Empty the Bench]