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Second Place isn’t Completely Worthless

Jan 17, 2006, 10:19 AM EDT

For the Phillies players at least.  This year’s World Series created a ton of money for the teams and players involved.  Check out this article which breaks it all down.  What I found interesting was the little note at the bottom about how some of the teams that didn’t even make the playoffs got a piece of the action:

Among first-round losers, full shares were worth $37,539 for Minnesota,
$28,598 for the New York Yankees, $27,340 for San Diego and $27,035 for
the Los Angeles Dodgers. For second-place teams that didn’t make the
, full shares were worth $11,830 for Toronto, $10,910 for
, $10,286 for Houston and $10,155 for the Los Angeles

>>Cardinals set record with $362,173 World Series Share [News Sun]