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Sergei Bobrovsky’s New Mask: Hope You All Like Top Gun References!

Dec 2, 2009, 12:55 PM EDT

Our latest edition of NHL Goalie Mask Porn (we should really make a tag for that) features the new face cage of Flyers rookie Sergei Bobrovsky. It took a few looks before I decided that this is actually a pretty interesting mask with national, cultural, and artistic significance. One side is adorned with iconic Philly images any Philadelphian should easily recognize, as well as what appears to be an American fighter jet, possibly the F-15 Eagle, a US Air Force staple since the 70s. Sergei Bobrovsky Mask
The other side of the mask, pictured below, features the Russian side of the coin. If you don’t love incessant Top Gun references, you may not want to visit the Level after Bob games. We are going to run this thing right into the ground. 

Sergei Bobrovsky Mask 2Above, we see the Russian side, complete with what appears to be a Russian-made Sukhoi jet, possibly the Su-30/Su-30MKI, or Su-35. I really don’t know, as my security clearance is currently limited to Guy On Couch With 8 Google Images Windows Open. The building on the left is a tower of the Kremlin, and I haven’t ID’d the one on the right yet. [Update: It's the Kuznetsk Fortress in Novokuznetsk. Thanks to commenter/gentleman/scholar Micah.]

Depending on your age or interest in aviation movies, this may stir up some Cold War images. However, Bob is 22 years old, meaning he was 3 when the Cold War ended. Maybe this isn’t so much a Top Gun thing as it as an Iron Eagle 2 thing? Where the US and Russian pilots worked together to knock out that Middle East missile silo? Or, most likely, he just worked with an artist to visually represent “flyers” from his Russian background and his current American/Philadelphian home. 

We’ve seen Flyers goalies with pilots and jets before, but the US-Russia twist makes this one a bit more interesting. To us, anyway.

Here’s a look at the front.
 Sergei Bobrovsky Mask 3 Finally, on the back, we have the US and Russian flags, a Flyers symbol for Philly and the Novokuznetsk flag, signifying Bob’s specific Russian roots. 
Sergei Bobrovsky Mask 4
Pics via the Flyers twitter feed