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Sir Charles: “I’ve Probably Been Drinking and Driving a Hundred Times a Year”

Mar 12, 2009, 4:49 PM EDT

Sir Charles was a guest of his longtime friend Howard Eskin yesterday, reliving old Spectrum glories and frustrations and asking if Eskin were still fat. Howard fired right back, saying Barkley looked like he was wearing a tent during his recent incarceration. When discussing the DUI that landed him there, Barkley wasn't shy about saying this wasn't his first time drinking and driving, saying he's probably done it "a hundred times a year." He wasn't bragging or glorfying it, rather bringing it up in a context of having learned his lesson and that he hopes others learn from his mistake. Of course, saying he's gotten away with driving drunk nearly 2500 times may water down the moral he's trying to impart.

Sadly, Howard forgot to ask about Charles' intended plans for that fateful night.

Audio available at WIP