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Sixers Play Great Team Ball, But That Won’t Help You Win 250 on

Jan 11, 2012, 12:02 PM EDT

We've partnered with and will be holding a contest on Friday night in which you can win $250 in prizes. Should be fun. Check out the details here.

The Sixers have gotten off to a remarkably successful start to the 2011-2012 season. Their  style of team play has been a testament to Doug Collins’ coaching, with every single guy on his bench buying in to do whatever it takes to get the win. This team is full of unselfish guys and it is tremendous for basketball fans in the city of Philadelphia to watch.

Who it isn’t good for exactly is fantasy basketball fans who love stacking their squad with hometown players. The Sixers don’t have a Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant who you know is going to put up huge numbers night in and night out. One night it’s Lou Williams, the next night Thad Young, and every now and then like last night Elton Brand breaks out. With the Sixers, picking that night’s star is like throwing darts.

So picking individual Sixers to help you win in fantasy sports is certainly a tricky endeavor. But we’re guessing some of you can work the trends and show you know how to manage a salary cap with the best of league execs.

We’ve teamed up with a new fantasy sports partner,, who are bringing a new twist to how you can enjoy fantasy sports. Many of their leagues run only for a single day, providing you with the instant gratification of knowing you put the right guys on the floor last night and have the winnings to show for it the following day.

We’ll be holding our own one-day contest on Friday on where you can create your own team of players from the slate of NBA games on Friday night and compete against The700Level’s squad and fellow Level commenters. So check back on Friday for the exact details of how that contest will work, what kind of prizes you can win, and also enjoy the reality of knowing you can beat us in fantasy sports. It should be fun.

The free contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 2 forwards, 2 guards, 2 centers, and 2 utility players. Each NBA player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance.

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