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Sometimes Relentless Just Isn’t Enough: Flyers Lose Stanley Cup Finals in Overtime

Jun 9, 2010, 11:13 PM EDT

101934476 They came out looking absolutely dead to start the third period, trailing 3-2 with the Blackhawks only minutes away from hoisting the Cup. But something happened, perhaps another well-timed Peter Laviolette timeout, perhaps the energy of the crowd, or perhaps that survive instinct kicked into relentless mode. Scottie Hartnell, the guy with the most energy for the Flyers all night, tipped one in off of a beauty of a pass from Ville Leino, and this one was going to overtime. Sadly, that was the high point on the evening for the Flyers and their fans.

Unfortunately for Philadelphia, the Blackhawks were the first to find the net in extra time, albeit not really the back of it.

It was one hell of a run for this team, a month-long ride that Flyers fans will never forget. They didn't have it tonight, but they were close. Close doesn't let you lift Lord Stanley's cup though.

More to come. Not how we wanted it to end.