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The 700 Level Mailbag

Dec 26, 2005, 3:29 PM EDT

A reader suggested we take on your questions via email, much like the original sports blogger, Mr. Simmons does.  So we’re going to give it a try here.  Wondering what kind of drugs Tom McGinnis is on while calling Sixers games? Run into A.I. at the Taj in A.C?  Wondering if anyone else saw that chic in the crowd at the Tampa game?  Got pictures of Pat the Bat bombed at the Irish Pub? Send your comments, questions, YouTube links, and observations to our email hotline.  We’ll try to help you out with our brilliant intellect.  Don’t forget to say how you want to be quoted, such as "Antney from the Northeast" or "Sid from the Yunk."  No topic is too obscure.  No rules. Go nuts.  As my one buddy said: "just send cool shit." Our email is always up there on the top left in case you forget.  Also, please turn down your radio while emailing.