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The Level makes it to the first Phils game of the year

Apr 18, 2005, 11:26 PM EDT

Dsc00630aThe crew of the 700 Level made it out to the Phillies/Mets games tonight at Citizen’s Bank Park.

The 2005 season is off to a much better start than 2004.  In 2004, it wasn’t until the 6th attended game that the Level Crew witnessed a win by the home team.

1-0 so far this year for me.  That’s a great start.  I’m not going to lie though: good times, beer, and socializing took the forefront in tonight’s escapades.  I’m almost positive I have a much more intense baseball watching experience when I sit at home and watch the game on TV.  I definitely miss my tickets from my partial season ticket plan last year, but the extra cash is great.  We paid $12 for tickets and ended up sitting in the first level Center Field.  Great Seats.


Great times were had at the Phillies game.  For the complete Photo Album Click Here.

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