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The Phillies Are Like That Girl Kelly Anne From The Real World Australia

Sep 4, 2007, 1:38 AM EDT

Todd Zolecki of the Inquirer had the perfect lede:

ATLANTA – It seems like last week never happened.

Chase Utley’s
memorable return from the disabled list on Monday. Aaron Rowand’s poke
and Ryan Howard’s bomb on Tuesday. The controversial interference call
on Wednesday. The unforgettable comebacks on Thursday.

Gone. Wasted.

Yep.  Pretty much says it all.  After that AMAZING week, the Phils go to Florida and lose a series then head to Atlanta and start another off on the wrong foot.

But come on now, who was surprised?  Not me.  While I truly, deeply hoped the Phils could continue their amazing hot streak from last week and make a legitimate push at the Mets, I will forever remain skeptical until I see the Phillies actually playing post season baseball.

Now with that said, it is incredibly frustrating to watch some of the pitchers on this team go out to the mound.  I spent a little too much time listening to WIP on Monday and found myself in full force hating on the Phillies mode.  (I don’t hate them, I’m just disappointed.)  Eskin brought up a good point in the fact that Kane Davis is pitching on this team.  Kane Davis?  Yeah, who knows.

Then later in the day, BStar brought up an interesting thought (and likely not very relevant at this point but still worth grumbling over) about how the Phils were all set to bring in Soriano for $125 million.  They didn’t.  So whatever happened to all that money?  Doh.

Remember when we thought the Phils starting 6 rotation was the best in the NL.  Oh, to yearn for the days of March.

Anyway, don’t forget kids, you’re a Phillies fan.  They’re a bunch of teases.

>>Braves Beat Struggling Phils 5-1 [Inqy] Image courtesy of MTV