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The Schmitter Sandwich

Sep 30, 2005, 6:57 AM EDT

Shmitter Tuesday night’s Phillies game put an ache in the heart of Phillies fans but that wasn’t the end of the heart burn.  Over the past two seasons I have seen roughly 35-40 games in the friendly confines of Citizens Bank Ball Park, but Tuesday night was the first time I tried the famous Schmitter.  Why have I not tried the Schmitter previously you might be wondering?  I love myself a nice hot dog while watching the Phils in the summer.

I can now safely say I’ve had almost all of the different possible specialty foods at CBP: a Geno’s steak whiz wit, Tony Luke’s roast pork, the giant turkey leg from Bull’s BBQ, the ribs, the pulled pork sandwich, cheesesteak nachos in McFaddens (which I think they may have done away with), crab fries from Chickie and Pete’s, wings in Harry the K’s, funnel cake with fruit on it, Italian hoagie from the Hoagie place next to Geno’s, peanuts, ice cream in a helmet, water ice on a hot day..  I think it is safe to say I’ve tried them all.

You may also be wondering what exactly is on a Shmitter.  It is basically a fancy variation on a cheesesteak.  They use 3 pieces of cheese separating some fried salami, steak, tomatoes, and a special sauce.  A pretty tasty sandwich.  What are your favorite CBP concessions?

Oh, and beer, lots and lots of cold beers.  Rinsin’ em.