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The Sixers and Their Crazy Layups; Plus an Evan Turner Profile

May 15, 2012, 11:20 AM EDT

Watch the crazy clutch layup Evan Turner made to help propel the Sixers to a Game 2 victory.

Charles Barkley was not very kind to either the Sixers or the Celtics during his postgame rundown of Philadelphia’s Game 2 victory in Boston. He ridiculed the Celtics for playing too lackadaisical and showing no heart for three quarters, allowing the Sixers to hang around. Then, he basically said the Sixers won by hitting a bunch of crazy flukey shots. I forget the exact words he used, but he made it seem like he thought the Sixers only won because they got lucky.

Now, you could argue that about almost any NBA game that comes down to the final minute of play, but Evan Turner’s crazy layup showed tremendous body control. [video below]

I think I scared my neighbors I shouted so loud when the Kid ET hit that circus layup. One of the biggest buckets of Evan’s young career right there.

Andre Iguodala had a similarly ridiculous layup earlier in the game that Chris Webber called “miraculous.”

And finally, while searching for highlights of last night’s game, I came across this player profile of ET done by NBA TV just for the playoffs.