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The Sports Guy Ranks NBA Players

Apr 11, 2005, 10:02 AM EDT

Complete with Andrew Toney reference, the SportsGuy ranks the value of players in the NBA and three Sixers made the list:

161. Chris Webber
Would anything be more entertaining than C-Webb’s getting injured in
the playoffs, followed by a Kings-Sixers Finals and the first-ever
Double Ewing Theory? I think about these things.

107. Andre Iguodala
Officially replaced Kirilenko as "The Guy You Don’t Want Guarding You
Under Any Circumstances." And he’s only a rookie. That reminds me,
here’s another idea for an All-Star Weekend Event: The Miller Lite
Kapono-Iguodala Challenge. You have eight contestants, each of whom has
to choose ones of two options:
A. In five minutes, score as many baskets as possible against Andre Iguodala.
or …
B. In 45 seconds, score as many baskets as possible against Jason Kapono.
(Which option would they choose? Who would win? See, this is why I should be running All-Star Weekend.)

2. Allen Iverson
Forget about the year he won the MVP – that was a good team with some
blue-chippers on it. This year, they threw another new coach at him,
six new teammates, stuck him back at point guard … and he responded
by playing 42-45 minutes a night, setting everyone up and throwing his
body around like a pro wrestler. By the way, have I mentioned yet that
his team sucks? I mean, really, REALLY sucks? It was like watching
Stephanie persevere with that crummy Ulong Tribe on "Survivor," only
for 82 games. Absolutely his finest season.

(Also, with the pounding he takes game after game, AI is starting to
move into my person pantheon for "Guys I Will Always Remember
Watching." I mean, this has been going on for like 10 years – he keeps
getting knocked down, keeps getting up, keeps ripping teams’ hearts
out. Throw in his insanely intense interviews and he’s a solid No. 2
choice. Plus, he’s the new Clubber Lang – I don’t think he’s cracked a
smile in six years. Any time he’s being interviewed by Stephen A.
Smith, I always feel like the world is about to end or something.

I have no idea what the Survivor refference is about, but It’s nice to see A.I. getting some respect.