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The Story of the Kid Who Stole the World Series Rings is Amazing

Dec 9, 2008, 12:34 PM EDT

PhilliesIdiot A few World Series rings were stolen from Citizens Bank Park during game two of the NLDS, have you heard? Well the story is about as awesome as one could expect.

According to 6 ABC, 21-year-old Matt Marvine was kicked out of the game for acting like an idiot. Nothing new there. He was wearing a mask with "Rockies Killer" on it. But instead of exiting the building, he somehow ended up in a Phillies office filling out an application for a job. Totally what I would do! He fills out the job app and takes off with an envelope that had three World Series rings in it.

Here's the best part: "Police were able to track down Marvine quickly because he left his job
application behind, complete with his name, address and phone number."

No word on whether he got the job or not.

Update: has plenty more, "Police said Mervine has been arrested before, on drug and carjacking charges." Shocker.