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This Is It, Folks: Sixers To Address Results of Andrew Bynum’s Exam This Evening

Dec 21, 2012, 10:22 AM EDT

The world did not end today. (Yet.)

But the Sixers’ season still tinkers on the brink of being blown into the great void, to be forgotten like a speeding asteroid that juuust misses earth.

Andrew Bynum had his knee examined on Thursday and the team will address the media this evening to discuss how the big man is doing.

This is it, kids.

5-game losing streaks? Who cares about those if the Andrew Bynum news is positive.

I’m nervous already.

UPDATE: Many responses on Twitter seem to speculate that if the news was good, the Sixers would simply release it immediately instead of hold it until 5:30 pm on the Friday before Christmas. I’m not that big of a conspiracy theorist. But I suppose it’s possible. What say you?