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Thoughts on Corey Simon

Aug 29, 2005, 11:20 PM EDT

I’m not really sure what the Eagles were thinking when they allowed Corey Simon to walk.  I’m afraid this may be a case of the Eagles front office trying too hard to be the Eagles front office.  Simon was the best defensive tackle on the Eagles, I don’t think anyone would argue that.  Sure, Mike Patterson has been impressive as a rookie, but he is still a rookie.  Asking a rookie to step into a big roll is a risky move.  The Eagles still have a very strong set of tackles, but there is a history of injuries.  I don’t see the point in letting Simon go really.  As Glen Macnow was saying tonight, there is no parade down Broad street for winning the salary cap game.  The move will put the Eagles something like 15 million under the cap.  Perhaps giving them room to sign Micheal Lewis, Bwest, or setting them up for a big off season. 

I’d rather have Simon for this season. take:

The decision to let Simon walk has a greater impact on players like
Paul Grasmanis, Keyonta Marshall and Norm Heuer. Those three are in the
fight for what could be the fifth and final defensive tackle spot on
the 53-man roster. Thursday night’s preseason finale against the Jets
will be that much more meaningful.