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T.O. on Andy the Mastermind Doughboy

Jan 17, 2010, 1:18 PM EDT

Terrell Owens throwing jabs at Donovan McNabb has become tired, but poking Andy "the Pillsbury doughboy" in the gut while praising him is something new and refreshing from the blabber mouth. From the Cincy Enquirer, via:

Owens did have some praise for his former Philadelphia coach when he said: “I mean I don’t know how much I can say about Andy Reid, this guy is a mastermind. Look at this guy on the sidelines, he looks like the Pillsbury doughboy but this guy is very smart.”

Which leads nicely into this quote from Michael Vick this afternoon.

From Les Bowen on Twitter, obviously:


Bowen has more from Vick over at his blog:

"I thought about that a couple days ago.You wonder why things happen. Things certainly happen for a reason. I just thought about that … If I could have started my career here, where would I be? Would I have ended up in some of the things I got involved in?" said Vick, who played for the Falcons from 2001-2006, then went to prison and missed two complete seasons because of his role in a dogfighting operation. "You never know, but hey, you can't say that, you can only think about it and wonder and appreciate being in this position now.

"I can't say what we would have accomplished, but as far as my growth as a passer, it would have been expedited tremendously."

Do tigers sleep in lily patches? Do rhinos run from thunder?

It makes you wonder.