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Today in Philly Sports History: “BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!,” 1982

May 23, 2010, 10:00 AM EDT

So I gotta admit that I don’t really understand this: In 1982, the Sixers and Celtics were playing in their third straight conference finals, while the Celtics hadn’t played the Lakers in the NBA finals since the 60s. It was Philly that was Boston’s real rival in the early 80s, not Los Angeles. So why were they rooting us on to defeat the Lakers in the finals, during the final minutes of our ending their season in a game seven on their home floor? Does the Boston-L.A. blood feud really run that deep? Did they just not take us that seriously? I would’ve been kind of insulted if I was a Sixers fan at the time, to be honest.

Thanks to the Garden fans for giving us one of pro sports’ all-time-great city-specific chants, however.