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Today in Philly Sports History: Chase to New York: “Booo? F— You!”

Jul 14, 2009, 10:30 AM EDT

Chase's potty mouth somehow got through on the air, though it regrettably has been edited out of subsequent re-runs. Meanwhile, Chase failed to make it three Phillie winners in four years in the Derby, as he hit a mere five home runs in the first round–two more than last-place finisher (and eventual World Series foe) Evan Longoria, but a mere 23 less than first-round champ Josh Hamilton. But before the year was over, he'd drop at least one more hugely memorable f-bomb, when at the Phillies' championship parade, he summed up a quarter-century of relieved Philly sports frustration in another three-word phrase: "World Fucking Champions!!!"

It's somewhat surprising for what seems to be such a relatively mild-mannered dude, but then again, perhaps Chase views cursing the same way he views on-base percentage–it's all about plate discipline.

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