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Today in Philly Sports History: John Kruk Makes the Homies Say Ho and the Girlies Wanna Scream, 2008

Jan 28, 2010, 9:00 AM EDT

John Kruk By 2008, Adult Swim mainstay Aqua Teen Hunger Force had long moved into its “Yeah, sure, why not” phase of development. Got ex-Phillies one-bagger / current ESPN baseball analyst John Kruk on the line to appear in an episode as a siren that moves into the Aqua Teens’ house? Yeah, sure, why not. Got alt-country darling Neko Case and ex-Rock*A*Teen singer/songwriter Kelly Hogan on board to play his back-up sirens? Yeah, sure, why not. Want to have a half-minute of Carl singing all three of them the guitar lick of Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean” Yeah…you get the idea.

As far as The Krukker’s acting work goes, this one probably ranks below his classic cameo on the wrong end of Gil Renard’s knife in The Fan, but above his performance in that Baseball Tonight commercial where he accidentally causes the Cleveland midge attack in game two of the 2007 ALDS. Link to a clip of the episode below, if it’s after 11:00 at night and you’re feeling easily amused.