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Trevor Laws Battles the Pink Robots

Jul 15, 2008, 10:32 AM EDT

Comcast Sportsnet is getting to know the latest additions to the Eagles roster this summer in a series called New to the Nest. In the current edition, John Boruk interviews Trevor Laws, who’s into food porn, makes his own signature barbecue sauce, and loves to go see the Flaming Lips. We think we’re going to like this Laws fellow.

Now, John Boruk is by no means an elder statesman of the local media, so his response to a mention of the Flaming Lips was a little surprising. I couldn’t help but recall Derek Zoolander saying, "Not many people I know read your little ‘Time Magazine’ or whatever it’s called." Every time a major festival is announced, we assume the Lips will be there, if not headlining. However, I don’t think I’ve seen the Vaseline video since Beavis & Butthead aired it.

In related news, Roger Goodell would like to see Trevor Laws in his office. Something about Lovebox Weekender and a urine sample.

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