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Two Sixers Fans Think Agent Zero is ‘Scum’

Feb 15, 2007, 4:05 PM EDT

By all accounts, Gilbert Arenas seems like a fine looking young man.  Two Sixers fans at last night’s game had some harsh words for the most entertaining personality in basketball.

Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog, which is among my favorite sites on the web, was at the Sixers game last night and chatted it up with two vocal fans.

Anyhow, there were two young Philly kids up in 116 booing Gilbert’s every move, so I went up to chat. Maybe I’m wrong, but I wish Washington had more of this type of fans. Builds character. Anyhow, I asked what was with the Arenas booing.

"He’s scum," 22-year-old Mike Rubin explained. "When he comes into this arena, he’s scum. He is a bum."

"Arenas is the most overrated player in basketball," his buddy, 21-year-old Nick Kripp agreed. "I’ve even heard that from Washington fans."

"He’s scum. He’s scum," Rubin repeated. "He’s definitely overrated. He’s not that good. Even if he played for the Sixers, I wouldn’t like him."

It goes on from there.  Quite the entertaining bit from a couple of vocal fans.  I have no idea what these fans have against Gil, but I’d have to say a Sixer fan would be foolish not to want Arenas on your squad.

The Bog nailed what a Sixers game is like now in the wake of Iverson: empty and silent.

>>Sixers Fans Claim Gilbert is Scum [D.C. Sports Bog]