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Update: Phillies in DC Road Trip Ticket Details

Mar 31, 2009, 11:55 AM EDT

Good Afternoon, Phillies fans. Opening night is just a few short days away and the question remains, will it be Blanton or Myers on the hill? Regardless of which badass is on the mound on day one, I'm just happy we'll have a solid bat in the nine hole.

Which brings me to another quick update on the two games that members of will be attending in Washington, DC on the 13th and 16th of April. The Nats and MLB apparently couldn't figure out how to format a special link to purchase tickets in our section. Something about javascript errors. But fret not, my man Charles who works in the Nationals ticketing office can set you up with tickets in our section. The seats are $20 for
April 13th (Nats' home opener), which is a 3:05pm first pitch and $18 for April 16th,
which is a 7:05pm first pitch. Charles' info below:

  • Charles Rand, Nationals Representative: 202.640.7688

There is currently no pre or postgame activities planned, but with a 3:05 start on Monday, I'm thinking a bar around noon/1:00pm could be a good spot for a meetup. We're certainly open to suggestions and welcome any reccomendations. A Thursday evening pre/post-game could also be in the cards.

Also, if you're into the facebook thing you can become a fan of The700Level on facebook (and twitter!) and also RSVP for the Monday game and/or the Thursday game. See which other Philly sports degenerates will be attending! Also, a good way to support the site (in addition to clicking ads every now and then) is to share stories you think your friends my like on Facebook. Every post has a little link at the bottom that makes it quick and easy.


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