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Video: Andre Iguodala Gets Cheered, Booed During First Intro Back in Philly

Oct 31, 2012, 7:43 PM EDT

We say it all the time. Philly fans are a fickle bunch. So it’s no surprise the reaction former Sixer and current Denver Nugget Andre Iguodala received was… mixed.

You can watch the video from pregame introductions above and judge for yourself. The fact of the matter is some people booed and some people cheered. The ratio was tough to tell from my seat near the Sixers’ fan group known as the Revolutionaries.

Later once the game started, Iguodala received loud boos every time he touched the ball. However, he did also receive a standing ovation from the crowd during a timeout when a montage of his super clutch free throws in Game 6 against the Bulls in the playoffs last season was played on the jumbotron.

He also had a pretty sweet dunk and made plenty of bad decisions while in midair with the ball. All in the first half! Never change.