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Video: Maybe Doug Collins Should Stop Watching So Much Judge Judy and…

Feb 7, 2013, 3:46 PM EDT

Man, the Sixers may be struggling at record levels for this current squad, what with all the injuries and Evan Turner shooting 1 for 10 and the like, but Doug Collins makes it so hard to get angry with him when he gets in front of a camera and tells you his typical afternoon activities consists of watching Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and all those Judge shows. No Wapner though, which is a bummer.

Collins was asked if he knew what was going through Andrew Bynum’s head and responded by quoting the great Judge Judy. The only thing that could have made Doug’s response better was if he said something outlandish like, “you know what I think it probably going through Andrew’s head? That scene in the Big Lebowski where the Dude is floating through the Gutterballs and looking up the skirts of all the bowling pin ladies? I imagine that’s what’s typically going through Bynum’s head.”