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Volstad vs. Kendrick: Dogs Will Be Eaten

Sep 9, 2008, 6:30 PM EDT

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Listen kids. As Allen Iverson’s inability to unload his mansion has shown us, it’s a tough economic market out there. (Drill Baby Drill! What?!?) So when you have the chance to go out and purchase a delicious Hatfield Frank for the low, low price of one U.S. dollar, you do it. You do it over and over until you think you’re intestines will make Wednesday feel like you’re watching Joe Carter take Mitch Williams deep on repeat. All day long.

Also, there’s a pretty important baseball game as the Phillies are fighting for their playoff lives. It’s the second of the series against the Marlins as Kyle Kendrick matches up with Chris Volstad.

We’ve got one of those feelings that Pat Burrell is feeling frisky this evening and will get himself out of that funk he’s been having.

It’s time for Kendrick to snap out of his recent skid as well. He hasn’t given Phils fans much faith over his last few starts.

Finally, tonight is the only night of your lives that you’re allowed to root for John Lannan as the Mets face the Nationals this evening.

Meaningful September baseball. Enjoy it.