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Was Win Against Colts a Defining Moment?

Jan 9, 2010, 3:59 AM EDT


Only if they defeat the Redskins next Monday.

Indianapolis has not lost more than four games in the regular season since 2002, so any time they are toppled, it's a big deal. Then why not greater enthusiasm over this Eagles' victory?

For starters, the game was not very fun to watch. The Austin Collie hit, along with subsequent backlash over the penalty for the collision, seemed to strip the intensity from the competition—at least temporarily. The remainder of the first half gave way to reflection over the way the sport needs to be played, and genuine concern for a man's health.

Whatever residual emotional edge was leftover eventually turned to frustration. The pace would grind to a halt later when the referees decided to steal the show. Whether it was truly a poorly officiated contest, or the Eagles were simply on the wrong end of a few especially specific rules, is honestly open to debate. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


Besides lacking somewhat in entertainment value, it's also worth noting Indianapolis was far from playing with a full deck, Andy Reid has been flawless after the bye week, and the game was in Philadelphia. Hell, the Birds were favored.

Suddenly it's not hard to see how beating Peyton Manning gets lost in the shuffle. While that should never be taken for granted, frankly it won't mean much at all if the Eagles don't take out Washington too.

We might look back at this W somewhere down the road with a deeper appreciation for how it impacted this season. They lasted four quarters with the reigning AFC Champions, a perennial powerhouse featuring several of the top players in NFL history, and despite almost every conceivable break going for the other side, the Birds amazingly came away the better team for one day.

It's the sort of result that can propel a club toward a division championship.


The Eagles can travel to D.C. for Monday Night Football and quickly make us forget about the notion of defining moments. The Skins have already delivered one setback this season, and we've witnessed firsthand how Donovan McNabb responds to a benching. Reid's club hasn't shaken the inconsistent label yet either. It's a young club that hasn't habitually given 60 quality minutes like they did Sunday.

The Colts were still the right opponent at the right time though. What that means exactly just depends entirely on what the Eagles accomplish going forward.

Photos by Jim McIsaac / Getty Images