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Welcome Home Evan Turner: Sixers in Chi-Town for Saturday Hoops

Dec 1, 2012, 7:14 PM EDT

Let the rain wash away all the pain of Evan Turner’s yesterday. The
Chicago product arrives in his home city tonight in the midst of the
best stretch of hoops in his pro career—double digits in his last eight,
20+ in three of his last four, and one of his best games ever last
night with a 25 and ten in the Sixers’ road vanquishing of the Charlotte
Bobcats. Of course historically speaking, once it goes for Evan, it
REALLY goes—the last time he scored 20+ in three out of four, he only
scored in double digits once in his next five—so here’s hoping that Luol
Deng, Jimmy Butler and them aren’t feeling like totally giving their
all on defense tonight. Chances aren’t great with the Tom Thibodeau
Bulls, but stranger things have happened, probably.

8:00 tip
from the United Center. The Sixers have won their last three to move to
10-6 on the season, just one game back of where they were at this point
last season. The main difference is that now they’re beating lousy teams
in close games, rather than blowing them out from the get. Which is
more encouraging? We’ll find out in a month or two (unless we don’t).