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Wes Welker Doesn’t Like the Eagles Chances, DeSean is a Talker

Jun 30, 2008, 12:35 PM EDT

The fun, most talked about story of the weekend surrounding the Birds was the quote from New England Patriots speedy wideout Wes Welker regarding his former teammate Asante Samuel. From USA Today:

"Asante’s a great player, so it hurts not to have a guy like that. But
then again, it’s part of the business of the game," Welker said. "He
chose money over championships, and that’s the way it goes sometimes."

Some people found these comments insulting but I think it’s all just part of the business, really. Come talk to me when you turn down a 50+ million dollar deal.

In more entertaining Eagles news, DeSean Jackson has been making his way around the Internet via YouTube and boy does this kid like to talk.

Inside the Iggles found this video of DeSean being interviewed at the 2008 rookie photo day. The interviewer asks DeSean how he feels about football cards or something and — wham! — the Eagles speedy rookie takes off on all sorts of tangents and thoroughly enjoys talking about himself.

Also, the kid obviously still needs to learn how to be an athlete in Philadelphia. When asked what players’ cards he was excited to collect as a kid, the first three guys he rattles off… Emmitt, Troy, Michael.

Not good, buddy. Not good.

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