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What Does It All Mean? Sixers-Celtics, Game Six

May 23, 2012, 5:38 PM EDT

The Philadelphia 76ers get a chance to extend their season one more game against the Boston Celtics in Game Six tonight.

If the Sixers’ season ended tonight, how would we remember it? For the
expectation-exceeding 20-9 start? For the incredibly disappointing 15-22
finish? For the four-game stretch where Evan Turner looked like an
emerging star? For the games where he looked like he wouldn’t even be
able to score as an NBA Jam character? For the six-game series
win against the Bulls, or for all the injuries surrounding the series
that seared an asterisk onto the matchup, Mark Ecko-style? For the two
games they squeaked out against the Celtics, or for the four they lost?

Tough one, personally speaking—I can’t ever remember following a team
for a season (and post-season) as emotionally confusing as this one. But
the good news is this: The Sixers still have a chance to make there
season something close to an unequivocal success. If they win tonight,
and at least put up a good showing for Game Seven in Boston, I’m pretty
sure that’s the main thing any of us will remember from this season,
even with all the craziness that’s transpired earlier. We couldn’t
really blame the Ballers if they dropped Game Six tonight—Boston is a
better team, after all—but damn, wouldn’t it be showing us and everyone
else something if they somehow managed to win one more time. (Possibly
two? Let’s get through one first.)

8:00 tip from the WFC, in what could be our last home showing of the
year (which is still at least three more than we expected to have this
post-season). Let’s hope the Sixers have added fuel from the
ridiculousness of Andre Iguodala not getting selected to First or
Second-Team All-Defense, though Kobe “Hey, I’ll be hanging out over here
in case you guys need me” Bryant received his 12th selection. Paul
Pierce better be reeeeaaaal tight with the handle tonight.


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