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When DeSean Took It To The House And Football Returned

Sep 15, 2009, 4:39 PM EDT

Eagles fans had been waiting around months for meaningful football to finally return to Philadelphia and on Sunday we finally got our wish. Things started out a bit slow for the Birds and the joy of the pigskin wasn't quickly apparent, but that all changed in a snap. Now I'm not a loud person, I'm fairly calm for the most part, but when Trent Cole bum-rushed Jake Delhomme and Victor Abiamiri picked up the ball, diving gracefully into the end zone, I was jumping out of my chair screaming. Only moments later it happened again when DeSean Jackson made football look easy, going untouched to the end zone for an 85-yard punt return. It was a thing of beauty and those two plays welcomed football back into our lives with the type of electricity that can only be felt on the gridiron. [video of DeSean's return below]

Now I'm not saying that as a knock on any other sport, but football has that bone-crunching action and speed that is simply unmatched. DeSean Jackson is a joy to watch any time he gets the ball in his hands. It's looking more and more like Andy really got it right with this one.