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Which Would You Prefer?

Sep 14, 2005, 1:07 AM EDT

Wildcardstandings With another win last night the Phillies are still 1 game behind the Marlins and a half game up on Houston for the Wildcard.  Yesterday, Sid got me thinking.. Would you rather go to an Eagles or Phillies playoff game?  We will leave the Sixers and Flyers out of the argument.

I have been to multiple Eagles playoff games which were by far the best sporting events I have ever attended.  Last year’s NFC Championship game against the Falcons and also having perfect seats for the 4th and 26 game among a few others including a playoff game or two at the Vet.

I’ve never been to a Phillies playoff game and I think there is a difference between a National League series and a World Series.  I am hard pressed to pick against an Eagles playoff game, but man would I love to see CBP amped for a Phillies playoff game.  How about you people?