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You Can Now See Exactly Where Your Sixers Tickets Are Located Before You Purchase Them

Sep 27, 2012, 11:04 AM EDT

There’s no debating the effort the Sixers new ownership — seen most visably through the work of new CEO Adam Aron — has shown to ensure everything about the fan experience at the Wells Fargo Center as polished as possible.

That said, every decision they make is not going to be as groundbreaking as seeing a bunny mascot put out to pasture. One of the new minor additions that appears recently implemented is the ability to see exactly where the seats you are about to purchase on are located within the building in relation to the court.

You’ve probably seen this technology used at Live Nation at different concert venues (I know I’ve used it for shows in Camden before) but it really is a nice touch and makes purchasing tickets a lot easier. No more wondering if seat 17 is on the aisle or not.

So, another little thing that is a nice addition from the Sixers this season. Hopefully the sum of the little things coupled with that one big Bynum thing will lead to more of those seats being filled in 2012-13.

Single game tickets are now available via a presale on