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Blind Child Asks Ryan Howard to Hit Homer for Him, So Big Piece Deposited One in the Seats

May 6, 2013, 11:54 AM EDT

There have not been an abundance of reasons to feel good about the results of the games on the field down at Citizens Bank Park this season. But there have been a handful of feel good stories like the one that took place on Teacher Appreciation Night on Friday to make us feel a little better about the world.

A number of teachers were honored on the field prior to the contest with the Marlins and their students who nominated them for their great work also got to tag along. Among them was a 7-year-old named A.J. who suffers from a vision disease known as Leber congenital amaurosis. He had a chance to chat with Phillies slugger Ryan Howard and presented him with a special wristband which Howard wore during the game. He also told the Big Piece to hit a home run for him.

And then he actually hit one.

Howard deposited a ball into the seats in the second inning and the Phillies cameras caught up with little A.J. and got his incredibly awesome and exciting reaction to Howard probably hitting a homer for him.

Pretty awesome.